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Keep a watchful eye on Zelare

EN IT Traduzioni perkeep

keep (v) [duration] continuare a (v) [duration]
keep (v) [possession] conservare (v) [possession]
keep (v) [position] tenere (v) [position]
keep (v) [possession] mantenere (v) [possession]
keep compiere
keep durare
keep eseguire
keep osservare
keep trattenere
keep rimanere

EN IT Traduzioni pera

a (a) [indefinite determiner] qualche (a) [indefinite determiner]
a (a) [indefinite determiner] un (a) [indefinite determiner]
a (o) [indefinite article] un (o) [indefinite article]
a (a) [indefinite determiner] una (a) [indefinite determiner]
a (o) [indefinite article] una (o) [indefinite article]
a (o) [indefinite article] uno (o) {m} [indefinite article]
a (a) [indefinite determiner] un' (a) [indefinite determiner]
a (o) [indefinite article] un' (o) [indefinite article]
a [name of the letter A, a] a [name of the letter A, a]
a come

EN IT Traduzioni perwatchful

watchful (a) [cautious] prudente (a) [cautious]
watchful (a) [cautious] cauto (a) [cautious]
watchful (a) [cautious] attento (a) [cautious]
watchful (a) [cautious] guardingo (a) [cautious]
watchful (a) [cautious] circospetto (a) [cautious]
watchful (a) [danger] vigile (a) [danger]
watchful (a) [danger] pronto (a) [danger]
watchful (a) [danger] all'erta (a) [danger]

EN IT Traduzioni pereye

eye (v) [person] guardare (v) [person]
eye (v) [person] osservare (v) [person]
eye (v) [person] squadrare (v) [person]
eye (n) [anatomy] occhio (n) {m} [anatomy]
eye occhio {m}
eye [ability to notice what others might miss] occhio {m} [ability to notice what others might miss]
Eye Occhio

EN IT Traduzioni peron

on (o) [preposition] su (o) [preposition]
on (o) [surface] su (o) [surface]
on (o) [preposition] sopra (o) {m} [preposition]
on (o) [surface] sopra (o) {m} [surface]
on su
on a
on in
on negli
on sul
on sugli