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EN IT Traduzioni perinternational

EN IT Traduzioni peragency

agency (n) [business company] agenzia (n) {f} [business company]
agency (n) [business company] ufficio (n) {m} [business company]
agency filiale {f}
agency ente {m}
agency succursale {f}

EN IT Traduzioni perfor

for (o) [general] per (o) [general]
for (o) [general] perché (o) [general]
for (o) [reason] perché (o) [reason]
for (o) [general] di (o) [general]
for (o) [time] da (o) [time]
for (o) [general] poiché (o) [general]
for (o) [reason] poiché (o) [reason]
for (o) [reason] visto che (o) [reason]
for (o) [reason] siccome (o) [reason]
for (o) [reason] dato che (o) [reason]

EN IT Traduzioni perresearch

research (v) [science] fare ricerche (v) [science]
research (n) [science] indagine (n) {f} [science]
research (n) [science] ricerca (n) {f} [science]
research ricerca {f}
research indagare
research [inquiry or examination] ricerca {f} [inquiry or examination]

EN IT Traduzioni peron

on (o) [preposition] su (o) [preposition]
on (o) [surface] su (o) [surface]
on (o) [preposition] sopra (o) {m} [preposition]
on (o) [surface] sopra (o) {m} [surface]
on su
on a
on in
on negli
on sul
on sugli

EN IT Traduzioni percancer

cancer (n) [medicine] cancro (n) {m} [medicine]
cancer cancro {m}
cancer granchio {m}
cancer (n) [disease of uncontrolled cellular proliferation] cancro (n) {m} [disease of uncontrolled cellular proliferation]
Cancer (n) [astrology] Cancro (n) {m} [astrology]
Cancer Cancro {m}
Cancer Tumore