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Fermanagh District Council Fermanagh

EN IT Traduzioni perdistrict

district (n) [locality] zona (n) {f} [locality]
district (n) [general] distretto (n) {m} [general]
district (n) [politics] distretto (n) {m} [politics]
district (n) [region] distretto (n) {m} [region]
district (n) [general] cantone (n) {m} [general]
district (n) [region] regione (n) {f} [region]
district (n) [locality] località (n) {f} [locality]
district circondario
district provincia {f}
district [administrative division] distretto {m} [administrative division]

EN IT Traduzioni percouncil

council (n) [administration] consiglio (n) {m} [administration]
council (n) [business company] consiglio (n) {m} [business company]
council (n) [politics] consiglio comunale (n) {m} [politics]
council (n) [politics] consiglio municipale (n) {m} [politics]
council (n) [politics] giunta comunale (n) {f} [politics]
council (n) [religion] concilio (n) {m} [religion]
council consigliere {m}
council (n) [committee that leads or governs] consiglio (n) {m} [committee that leads or governs]