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EN Inglese IT Italiano
double entendre (n) [pejorative] equivoco (n) {m} [pejorative]
double entendre (n) [pejorative] doppio senso (n) {m} [pejorative]
double entendre (n) [pejorative] ambiguità (n) {f} [pejorative]
double entendre (n) [phrase with two meanings] doppio senso (n) {m} [phrase with two meanings]

EN IT Traduzioni perdouble

double (a) [of two parts] doppio (a) {m} [of two parts]
double (a) [for two people] doppio (a) {m} [for two people]
double (a) [use] doppio (a) {m} [use]
double (n) [number] doppio (n) {m} [number]
double (o) [general] doppio (o) {m} [general]
double (n) [man] sosia (n) {m} [man]
double (n) [woman] sosia (n) {m} [woman]
double (v) [clothing] piegare in due (v) [clothing]
double (a) [use] duplice (a) [use]
double (a) [number] di due volte tanto (a) [number]